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About Bubble&Geek

Meet the Bubble:

Bubble is a whirling dervish. Currently aged 3 his favourite things are purple, red, anything in these colours, dinosaurs, eating pancakes, Boggle the cat, and bedtime stories. His nickname has been around as long as he has, and he's affectionately known by it most of the time, unless of course there's discipline involved :-)

Meet the Geek:

I'm Kelly and I'm a work at home Mum with a passion for amazing Scandinavian fabric, fabulous food and literature - lots of books...lots and lots of books (ok I'm sure you get the idea. I'm a self confessed 'geek').

Where it All Began:

Like all great business ideas, it started at the kitchen table, literally. I wanted unique clothing for the Bubble, so I started sewing and then just didn't stop!

The Story So Far

So here we are, its 2016, two years since I began my Bubble&Geek business. It started with children's clothing and has gradually expanded into accessories, adult clothing and fabric. I sincerely love what I do, (unless its binding, I dislike binding). 

Please enjoy! I'm always grateful for any feedback on my work, you can use the review function on my Facebook page or feel free to use the 'Contact' button here on the site :-)